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Project Management Workflow — How We Use Asana to Build Killer Products

Posted by Tiffany Graham on May 8, 2017 12:17:00 PM

We can’t say enough about how invaluable Asana is to us as a collaborative work tool — we would not be able to build the awesome products we build without it. It’s such a great tool to keep a distributed team in sync. Here’s what our Project Management workflow using the app looks like:

We work in sprints.

Each sprint lasts a duration of 2 weeks and has the following sections:

Screenshot of one of our current projects in Asana

a. TO DO: in this section we keep the tasks we plan to do in the current sprint, before we start working on them.

b. Dev In Progress: Once we start working on a task, we move that task from “To Do” into the “Dev in Progress” section.

c. Testing in Progress: Once the task we worked on is done (from the programmer’s end) we move it into “Testing in Progress” where the developer tests and makes sure that the task is ready, the requirements are implemented correctly, and the acceptance criteria is achieved.

d. Tested: Once testing is completed, the task is moved into the“Tested” section and assigned to client.

e. Done: After client has reviewed and tested the tasks assigned to him in the “Tested” section, and after he determines whether they are correctly implemented, he can move the tasks into the “Done” section and mark them as “Done”.

Additional Notes:

  • To keep a clear board in Asana, we don’t add more than one task in the “Dev In Progress” section at a time. Adding more than one task will make it hard to follow and track the exact thing that’s being worked on.
  • If a task is too big, subtasks must be created. It’s not a good practice for a task to sit more than 1–2 days in “Dev in Progress” section.
  • It’s a good practice to log in the work that’s done daily for a task, in Asana as a comment. Even though we are meeting daily and writing everything down, this saves us from frustrations later on.

In addition to our Asana workflow, we do daily standups in which each team member gives updates about what they did the day before, what they are currently working on and whether they have any questions or obstacles hindering their progress.

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