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MealPal:How to Create Quality Work Under Pressure

Posted by Tiffany Graham on Jan 13, 2017 12:19:00 PM


At Alt Tab, it’s essential for us to be integrated quickly and smoothly with already existing teams so that we can hit the ground running. Our work with MealPal was a perfect example of this. We were brought on two months prior to the expected launch and pulled it off successfully. To be able to produce any product within that limited space of time is extraordinary enough, but to produce a high quality and equally successful product is even more extraordinary. Here’s how we did it.

Hire Right

The work you can produce is only as good as the team behind it. At Alt Tab, we only hire senior engineers. Our hiring process ensures that we can build a team that can dig in and start producing great work from day one. On top of being experienced in their respective fields, our developers are also seasoned entrepreneurs. MealPal came to us with an idea, without specifications or guidelines, and our engineers could take the idea and distill the most essential features that should be taken to market to start bringing in revenue. As entrepreneurs, our team understands that the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is not just about keeping costs down but delivering a product to market quickly.

Preempt Foreseeable Issues

Another part of our job is to think of or foresee anything that could possibly go wrong and address it quickly and succinctly. Because of the time restraint we were faced with in this project, our Project Manager and dev team decided that using a built-in back end was the best option to start. We were more than prepared and our dev team would stay up as late as possible to make sure that everything was working smoothly from our end. We could make sure that consumers had a great functioning product from the very beginning.

These are just two reasons of many that this was a successful project for us. MealPal was able to launch our product to marketplace and garnered customers in 9 different cities, millions of dollars per month in revenue, and investment capital. They currently have 5 of our developers on their team, rebuilding their back-end and preparing the product to hit a benchmark of 1 million users.


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