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Embracing Diversity: Alt Tab in Brasov, Romania

Posted by Tiffany Graham on Jun 2, 2017 1:06:00 PM
Alt Tabbers in the Brasov office enjoying a cookout

Here at Alt Tab, we strongly believe that opening up the workforce globally is one of the smartest things you can do for the success of your company. International talent will bring fresh ideas, different perspectives and even a different aesthetic to the work they produce— resulting in an overall better product. While technology is without a doubt the driving engine behind our achievements and progress as a species, it is still by and large built by humans who have specifics set of beliefs, attitudes, and tastes which inform our decision making process and actions. Opening up and allowing people from different cultural backgrounds to contribute to your company’s creative process is vital if you want your company to stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant in a world where physical borders have long since given way to technology and only becomes more and more integrated.


Why Brasov, Romania?

George building desks for the Brasov Office.

Alt Tab’s first employee and General Manager, George Cretu calls Brasov home and believed Alt Tab needed a place where the European team members could come and work if they desired to do so. With the hub of Alt Tab being in Brooklyn, NY, Alt Tabbers only got to get together if the budget for a project allowed travel. Now that the Brasov office is up and running, it has become the headquarters for Alt Tab’s admin team and one or two developers.

General Manager, George Cretu working in the Brasov office with his “assistant”

So What’s So Different?

We know what you’re thinking, “But aren’t you a remote development company?” The answer is yes, 100%, but the reasons the Alt Tabbers come to work at an office are not what you’d might expect. Of course, because we are remote, there are no required amount of hours that have to be spent in the office. Alt Tabbers go simply because they like each other’s company and sometimes it’s nice to get a change of scene from your home based office.

George and the resident Alt Tabbers in Romania, have done a great job making it a “home away from home”. It also helps that the building is literally a single family home that has been converted into an open and welcoming work space, complete with a garden and new bed swing.

Seeds for the office garden

Even though we are a still a distributed team, the office in Brasov has been a great example of how a brick and morter location can serve as a fun and cool space, where team members will want to come, meet each other in person and work in a comfortable and homey environment.

The two Roxy’s ;) — Alt Tab’s HR Department in the backyard of the Brasov office
General Manager, George Cretu enjoying sunshine and coffee while he works in the backyard of the Brasov office.

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